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CHAIRMAN MEOW AND JACK (VISIT) Entry for December 24, 2006
Tonight was definitely the night for the laser pointer, as Jack really
enjoys chasing the red dot around the loft! Chairman is funny - he
just observes these antics with a look as if to say "I am much too
wise & mature for these silly games". Luckily, there were no more
chewed up or broken ornaments lying under the Christmas tree - they
were good boys. Chairman jumped onto my lap (something he hasn't done
before) & purred away as I was brushing him. He really enjoys his
brushing sessions! Jack stuck around a bit for brushing but took off
into the kitchen to nibble on his fresh food. I was sad to say
goodnight this evening but we'll have more fun on Christmas.
2006-12-25 07:58:49 GMT