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TIGER LILY AND BAGHERA (VISIT) Entry for December 24, 2006
All was quiet when I entered Tiger Lily and Baghera's apartment today.
I think these two were laying low, gearing up for Christmas tomorrow.
When I walked back toward their favorite hiding spot, under the bed, I
noticed a stuffed animal missing from the top of the bed - the same
toy that had been knocked over the day before. One of these two cats
really has it out for this poor, defenseless stuffed animal! No sooner
had I replaced the stuffed toy, when I felt a soft little body rub
against my ankles. Baghera had come out to say hello! But only for a
minute, and then she slipped back underneath the bed to safety. I
peered under, and sure enough, Tiger Lily winked at me as if to say,
"all is well here". Though I tried to coax them both out again with
the chirping wand toy, they stood their ground under the bed. So I
went into the kitchen to change their water and refill their food
bowl, which was nearly empty. I also changed the litter and took the
trash down to the chute, so the apartment would smell fresh. I said
goodbye and promised Tiger Lily and Baghera I'd be back tomorrow, and
reminded them to be on the lookout for a man in a red suit with a
white beard in the meantime! Hope you are enjoying your holiday!
2006-12-25 07:57:07 GMT