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KATZE (VISIT) Entry for December 24, 2006
I couldn't find Katze when I first entered the apartment, so I started the great search immedietly. :) I called her name and searched under the beds, and when I looked under the bed with her rug on it, I saw her pretty black and white face peeking out at me! She crawled out and greeted me with a meow. She was happy to see me! I pet her and she followed me out to the kitchen. She had ate only a third of her bowl of food, so I filled it up and gave her fresh water. Then she followed me out to the living room. We watched T.V. together on the couch and I gave Katze some petting. Katze is a very nice cat! Cheers!
2006-12-25 07:46:34 GMT
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Thanks so much! I am so relieved to know she is ok. Merry Christmas!
2006-12-25 20:45:03 GMT