How's My Kitty?
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CHAIRMAN MEOW AND JACK (VISIT) Entry for December 23, 2006
Tonight when I arrived, Jack eagerly greeted me at the door. But I
think this was a diversionary tactic, so that I wouldn't notice
Chairman Meow sneaking out from under the Christmas tree. Busted! Upon
further inspection, I noticed several of the fabric ornaments on the
lower branches had been pulled off and nibbled on. I decided it would
be a good idea to relocate the lower ornaments to the upper branches,
so that they would no longer tempt little paws. I decided to occupy
the boys with their own toys instead, so we played with the sparkly
ball and the cat-dancer toy. They boys were having a good time - and
even started chasing each other. I thought this would be a good time
to check/replenish their food bowls, and double-check their water
fountain. All was well, so I then offered up the brush, to see if
either were interested. Both took the bait, and enjoyed a few minutes
of nice brushing while watching a bit the of dog show on Animal
Planet. Shhh....don't tell - but I think these cats are closet dog
enthusiasts!!! Both boys were a lot of fun tonight, and ready for
Santa's visit, I think. I will be sure to double-check the "ornament
situation" tomorrow when I stop in. I hope you are having a great holiday!
2006-12-24 07:24:50 GMT