How's My Kitty?
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MIDNIGHT AND CHLOE (VISIT) Entry for December 23, 2006
I was so excited today to get to interact with Chloe! Yesterday,
neither cat would let me near them, but today, when I entered the
apartment, Chloe came right out from hiding (under the bed) and right
up to me. She sniffed my hand for a long time and then decided I was
ok and let me pet her beautiful long fur for a while. I went about
getting her food ready, and she came in and ate, shyly while I got
Midnight's plate ready. Chloe let me give her a treat, but then got
shy again and ran back under the bed. I ducked down to check on
Midnight, and he was sitting there under the bed, uninterested in
showing himself. I dropped a treat in front of him and he ate it
happily. I then decided to leave him be. I went and sat in the living
room, thinking maybe one of them would come out and socialize, but
after waiting a while, neither left the bedroom, so I made sure their
litter was in good shape and left them. Maybe tomorrow, I will meet
2006-12-24 07:12:25 GMT