How's My Kitty?
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TABITHA (VISIT) Entry for December 23, 2006
Tabitha was great company today! I can't believe what a
little purr-monster she is! She purred the entire time I was with her
- what a little sweetie! I had such a good time hanging out with this
sweet girl - I hope she enjoyed my company too. She still had plenty
of food left in her dish from this morning, so I refilled her water
bowl and then we hung out for a bit. What a loving little girl she is - all
she wanted to do was snuggle and purr. She even did the kitty "stop,
drop and roll" so I could rub her tummy - very cute! I brushed her for
a bit as well - she really seemed to enjoy that. Overall she was
really just wanted some TLC, so she gots lots of it from me. It was
such a treat to spend time with her - looking forward to seeing her
again tomorrow!
2006-12-24 01:36:20 GMT