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SEBASTIAN ( AM & PM VISITS), Entry for December 14PM AND 15, 2006

( Note from Laurie:  Thierry's blogs are best read with a French accent! I can't bring myself to edit them. I'm sure Sebastian's being totally indulged:)

14th PM: As usually, when I got in, Sebastian the lovely grey and white boy, welcome me with a long concerto : this guy loves to talk !! After his dinner it was exercise time : He was chasing me with the shoe lace. After half a hour, he was starting to look tired so he went to lie down in his favourite spot : the cardboard box, so I cuddled him and he was in heaven cause I never heard a cat purring like that. I will come back tomorrow morning for his breakfast.

15 AM: After his singing greeting, I gave to Sebastian his wet food but surprise, today he didn't want to touch it. No-  this morning he just want to play with me so it is what I did to please this little angel !

15PM: Tonight was my last visit with Sebastian ! What a wonderful greeting when I got in : The usual meowing concerto. I love that !!! I was pleased to see that he ate all his wet food during the day. After the shoe lace game I pet him and it was a pleasure to see how he likes that. Can 't wait to see him again in 8 days!

2006-12-16 10:30:27 GMT