How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI ( AM & PM VISITS ), Entry for December 2, 2006
Let's see this morning I found Nikki on the baby blanket again so brought breakfast in bed to her. Max started to eat his breakfast in the kitchen, but when I put Nikki's plate down next to her, he decided her plate had to be eaten as soon as possible. Each took turns sitting up for their treats but bickered a bit as usual vying for attention. Found a little bit of vomit on the floor. But it was clear without flower petals. I swept all the leaves and petal up yesterday and tossed out the remaining flowers to Max couldn't have had an upset tummy from that. So I don't know what may have caused it.

PM- We had treat time and Max ate his pill right up miraculously. He even dropped it out of his mouth then ate it right up - thinking it was a bit of Greenie. lol.  Set down the plates in kitchen and one next to Nikki who was on the baby blanket again - and Max decided to join her - so they ate together with Max trying to get the lion's share as fast a possible. After that they both sat on the couch with me while I worked on my lap top. It was just a bit tricky because Nikki wanted most of my lap. She's so cuddly, I don't mind though. More tomorrow!
2006-12-03 01:08:30 GMT