How's My Kitty?
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KATO & SASHA, Entry for November 29, 2006
We had a nice breakfast together this morning.  Sasha greeted me at the door and I woke up Kato who was sleeping the bathroom window on the towels.  He stretched and stretched and was very happy for wake up pets.  Then he followed me to the kitchen, attacking my boots the whole way - although he was a little intimidated today by the size of these clod-hoppers. But " I " felt more protected! They are the perfect cat-attack boots. haha. Then they had breakfast and supervised a little kitchen clean-up - as Kato's black hair has been accumulating... We played with the lazer and kibble - while Kato talked and talked to the "closed" door asking it to open. But it didn't cooperate so he tried to turn the handle and reach underneath. Not sre why he was so interested in getting in there today - maybe he thinks YOU are in there hiding:) Then I stuck all the wands into the couch which began to keep Kato occupied in trying to figure out how to get each one out! Well - that's the breaking news for this morning! Cheers!
2006-11-29 16:07:35 GMT