How's My Kitty?
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MAX & NIKKI ( AM & PM VISITS), Entry for November 2, 2006
This morning Max met me at the door, as per his usual.  He's always so excited for a visitor so I always have to pick him up and give him extra snuggles.  We did all our chores, refreshed water and wet food.  I tidied the litter while Max begged for treats in the doorway.  Then I settled into the couch and Nikki cuddled up.  But I noticed that her ears were full of wax so I got some q-tips and tidied them up.  And she's so funny because even though she was meowing while I did it, she was purring the whole time, like she was glad I was doing it, but wasn't about to make it easy for me!  Once I finished with Nikki's ears I moved on to Max who was a little more sensitive about it.  Both of them were tidy and resting by the time I left.

PM: Tonight I visited two sleepy kitties!  Seriously, Nikki and Max were in different positions of sleepiness and napping almost the entire visit. When I first came in they were both sleeping on the floor facing the tv (watching the Jeff Corwin Experience on Animal Planet!) I did all my chores alone tonight, scooping the litter and changing the food.  Then when I was refilling the water bowls Max sauntered over to see what I was up to.  I picked him and and gave him some love.  Then I hung out with Nikki and gave her lots of pets.  By the time I left Max was sleeping on one end of the couch and Nikki on the other!  They must be working out during the day or something to be this exhausted in the evenings!
2006-11-03 15:54:26 GMT