How's My Kitty?
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LEO & ELLAI ( AM VISIT ), Entry for October 15, 2006
When I arrived this morning, Ellai was very excited to see me.  I took her outside immediately, and we took a quick walk around the alley before coming back in for a morning cuddle.  Then I put her back on the third floor and fed Leo, who was sitting on the bed and didn't hide from me.  While I went downstairs to prepare his injection, though, he hid.  I looked all over the house at least three times, until I fianlly found him in the same spot, sitting on the bed.  Of course.  So I gave him his injection, and then he went back to eat some more.  I scooped his litter boxes and cleaned up the spot in the second floor hallway where he urinated.  I'll check on him when I go back this afternoon to walk Ellai, but he definitely liked being petted and cuddled a bit, which I wasn't expecting.
2006-10-15 16:30:49 GMT