How's My Kitty?
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SMOKEY & TIGRE ( AM & PM VISITS ), Entry for October 14, 2006
AM - Kitties are doing fine. Smokey was on the chair and was happy to get a pets and attention. Tigre had been sleeping downstairs and came walking up after awhile yawning. There was still some food left over from last night and I set down fresh. Tigre was not as ravenous today and just ate a bit and walked off.  I carried him around, gave him lots of kisses and we got out some toys from the box which he was mildly interested in - preferrring to get pets and attention. I left a few toys out for him to play with between visits.

PM - Looks like Karen came and probably took the large dying plant to her house to recooperate because it was gone.  Tigre's toys were put away as well, so she may have been showing the house.  I'm glad however she left the food on the counter so the kitties aren't confused about it's location. They had eaten well and much of the food from the AM was gone, so that's good. So everythings just fine here and with Karen's visit as well, the kitties got plenty of attention today I'm sure.
2006-10-15 16:04:08 GMT