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MONSTER & MURPHY, Entry for October 10, 2006

The kids and I had a nice final morning together - apart from the fact that I woke up with a terrible cold and was dragging behind schedule. But the boys didn't mind, and there was still just a bit of food left over from yesterday when I arrived. Checked all around, no more vomit again. So my system seems to be fine with their tummies now. I set down (2) bowls with just about a handful and a half of kibble in each AM & PM along with their 1/2 can of wet food. Sometimes I've been feeding Monster separatley which he seems to like, and this stops Murphy from eating both servings too. Monster was extra sweet today and jumped up on the room divider by the staris demanding lots of pets. Dad came home while I was finishing cleaning up the kitchen floor around the food but the little monkeys still followed me downstairs afterwards as usual to refreash the litter. They seemed to like my company, so that was very nice.  Well, welcome back and we'll see you next time! Cheers.

2006-10-11 13:33:01 GMT