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PIPPIN & MERRY, Entry for October 10, 2006
Made it into the castle again today and Pippin was right on the table waiting for me, but Merry was no where in sight for awhile. They had finished just about all their food from yesterday and Pippin supervised while I prepared dinner. I decided he should be the taste tester for Merry and set down (2) choice plates for him to choose from. After making his selection ( rather quickly, I might add for the fish variety) I took that bowl into the bedroom. At that, Merry came immediately out of the closet and both of them ate dinner together from the same dish again. While they chowed down I took the time to sweep the kitchen a bit as that darn litter just gets everywhere. When they finished,  I got out their box of toys and sat in the hall, tossing them one by one for them to chase into the livingroom. It took them quite awhile to get going - they just walked into the diningroom and watched.  Pippin was the most enthusiastic and laid on his back and stretched out a lazy paw when a toy would fly by.  BUT after awhile, as the toys started to pile up around them they decided this was big fun. Merry began running after the mice and Pippin started catching his fuzzies mid-air. When I left, they were contentedly rolling around in the pile of toys like it was Christmas morning with Pippin lying on his back munching on his yellow banana:) Well, that's the news for today!
2006-10-11 13:18:40 GMT